Jad Barchini


Dr. Jad Barchini joined MPFI as a postdoc in the Fitzpatrick lab in November 2017. He’s interested in studying the underlying neural bases of robust visual behaviors, and how visual neurons acquire their feature-selectivity from functionally diverse and widespread sources of input.

Prior to joining the Fitzpatrick lab, Dr. Barchini earned his Ph.D. in Neuroscience at Northwestern University with Dr. Jianhua “JC” Cang. For his dissertation work he used two-photon calcium imaging and electrophysiology to study the functional architecture and visual response properties in the mouse superior colliculus.


Research Interests

  •  Functional architecture
  • Role of inhibition in shaping feature selectivity
  • Visual behaviors

recent publications

  • Shi X.*, Barchini J.*, Ledesma H.A., Koren D., Jin Y., Liu X., Wei W., Cang J. (2017). Retinal origin of direction selectivity in the superior colliculus. Nature Neuroscience, 20, 550–558.

  •  Inayat S.*, Barchini J.*, Chen H., Feng L., Liu X., Cang J. (2015). Neurons in the most superficial lamina of the mouse superior colliculus are highly selective for stimulus direction. Journal of Neuroscience 35 (20), 7992-8003.

    *Contributed equally