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Joseph Schumacher PhD


Dr. Joe Schumacher joined MPFI as a postdoc in the Fitzpatrick Lab in November of 2014. His research combines imaging and behavioral techniques to investigate how learning impacts the coding structure of visual cortical circuits.

Prior to joining the Fitzpatrick Lab, Dr. Schumacher earned his PhD in Neurobiology and Behavior with Dr. Sarah M.N. Woolley at Columbia University. His dissertations research used chronic electrophysiology to probe the role of developmental vocal learning on shaping the response properties of auditory cortical neurons in songbirds.

Dr. Schumacher is also a founder and host of the Max Planck Florida's Neurotransmissions podcast, in which leading neuroscientists from around the world share their perspectives on a life in neuroscience.

Research Interests

  • Cortical plasticity and neural correlates of behavior
  • Neural coding
  • Optical imaging techniques